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Logistics Operations Center

Resende (RJ)

​The warehouse COL i Resende is designed for receiving, storage and handling of various cargoes to offering our customers flexibility and agility in the composition and preparation of applications.

Entire IT infrastructure and our system (WMS - Warehouse Management System) allows full control of all operations in real time, on line and without the use of paper. Teams lot of work with laptops (handy terminal) terminals that allow the receipt of applications and all data collection concerning the operation that is being performed.

All data are transferred to our database and are available for transmission via EDI (electronic data interchange) with our customers.

Operations are monitored in real time through customized dashboards and panels that show the progress of operations on the warehouse floor at any time and that can be transmitted via internet to our customers.

Thus the current structure and with the COL i Resende complements the platform resources and services Multiseat Resende plant in assuring our customers, transparency, quality, process integration and optimization of resources in treating your load.

We cover every stage of the supply chain, from the receiving of cargo and equipment at our marine terminals until the delivery of finished products and returnable packaging to be exported. Supporting all activities of the distribution and supply chain we offer a truly 360 degree logistics.


  • Total Area: 8,000m²
  • Area: 8,000 m² (4,200 pallet positions)

terminal services

  • Receiving, checking, labeling and storage of products
    Order fulfillment with separation
  • Composition of packaging and labeling of dispatch
  • Quality control
  • Responding to requests for emergency
  • Shares and rework preparation of products for shipment
  • Inventory control and real-time inventory
  • Monitoring the performance of the operation via customized dashboards
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Logistics Operations Center - Resende (RJ)

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