During its 25 years of experience, the Multiterminais team has planned and executed customized logistics projects that have changed the paradigms in the Brazilian marketplace. Leveraging the experience of its founding shareholders and executive team, the Company has focused on acquiring leading-edge technology and developing our professionals. As a result, today, we can offer the most efficient integrated logistics solutions for our clients.

Our integrated logistics model began in 1990, by connecting our Customs Dockside Terminal with the Federal railway network, we were able to begin to transport containers by rail.

The rail connection between the ports of Rio de Janeiro and Santos and the major cities of the Southeast was an unconditional success. The combination of Multiterminais’ operational expertise and the infrastructure of the Federal railway network provided a launching point for the development of a number of sophisticated logistics projects.

We cover every stage of the supply chain, from the receiving of cargo and equipment at our marine terminals until the delivery of finished products and returnable packaging to be exported. Supporting all activities of the distribution and supply chain we offer a truly 360 degree logistics.

To illustrate, here are a few brief summaries of representative projects that we have developed and executed:

  • DaimlerCyrsler do Brasil Ltda

    Multiterminais was responsible for the management of the entire logistics chain for the production of both the Mercedes Class A and C. This process includes: the receipt of the parts containers in the port of departure in Germany; receipt and customs processing of these containers in the Port of Rio de Janiero; delivery of the parts, just-in-time, to the production line; and export of the vehicles from the Port of Rio de Janeiro.

  • Intelig

    The Company manages the entire domestic logistics chain including: import via air or sea of equipment; customs processing; storage; and distribution across Brazil to assembly sites.

  • Xerox do Brasil Ltda

    Multiterminais is responsible for the management and execution of the entire logistics chain for both parts and equipment received via air or sea and delivered to the client’s facilities.

  • DM – Decoma Magna

    The Company manages both domestic and international logistics for raw materials and parts to supply our client’s plant in Juiz de Fora.

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  • Gerdau's Industrial Plant in Ouro Branco

    Multitermiais partnered with the Gerdau group on the steel project in the city of Ouro Branco – MG. Multiterminais participated in all stages of the logistics process of this huge operation.

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  • Mercedes Benz: Total Parts Inventory Control

    The logistics process, from the import of parts, until the delivery to the Mercedes-Benz factory in Juiz de Fora is made by ALB. ALB is a joint venture between Multiterminais and Schenker International, one of the largest freight forwarders in the world.

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